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Retail sale of fresh and frozen seafood

Welcome to Peixos Savall & Mariscs Aquàrium

Product of the sea of ​​the best quality, highly qualified personnel and an extraordinary human team at your service

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The product

Fresh fish

Always in contact with suppliers and local markets

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Frozen fish

The purchase of FROZEN FISH and SEAFOOD is not made daily as in the case of fresh and live product

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A wide variety of top quality seafood at the best price…

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A wide variety of homemade and artisanal pre-cooked products…

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Online store

From march, we will delivery fish and seafood at home from tuesday to saturday morning and afternoon. If tou are interested in reciving the video of the fish to make the order, send Whatsapp to the number 631046275 and you will receive every day the video of our products, if you send the order before 10h tou will receive it at midday, if it is later than 10h, in the afternoon.